Can you Crosstrain for your Handstands!?

Will weight lifting and cross-training help you out with your handstands? 


Still a bit different back in 2013. Cross-Training with Boxing and Calisthenics lol.

Still a bit different back in 2013. Cross-Training with Boxing and Calisthenics lol.

I’m going to expound on the idea. Weight-lifting is a ranged term that can involve power lifting, olympic lifts, bodybuilding, or old-fashioned strength training. A big qualifier on your results is in how you lift.

Certain exercises are going to help you out. While others will probably only add small gains towards your end goal.

Specifically for pressing movements. It requires a tremendous amount of strength to be able to press your own body overhead. You need strong triceps, shoulders, but more importantly a strong core.

Since many of the inverted presses take you through different planes of movement; not strictly overhead work, like the press from the frogger, you will also need strong pectoral muscles in addition to the core.

So strengthening these muscles will make your varied progressions easier.

Then again hand balancing takes a huge degree of balance. While weightlifting can help your coordination, it is nothing compared to what you need to stand on your hands.

Being able to press a heavy barbell overhead has no carryover to being able to hold a handstand.

A handstand is a skill and needs to be practiced in order for you to get good at it.

These days many people are moving away from weights because they think they are not functional. You know what? It just depends on what you’re doing with them.

Whether you decide to build you upper body strength with barbell presses or with handstand pushups, its really up to you. They both build strength.

So in short, look at what your own goals are and see what will work best for your situation.

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