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So... I'm guessing
you want to be a
Hyper-Monkey Ninja!

Today you'll begin the process of creating a strong, flexible, and skillful YOU on your own schedule; at home, at the gym, or anywhere really; and in the process find your own Ninja Way!

You've taken the first step towards your ninja journey, but you're probably wondering if you have the goods to be a Hyper-Monkey Ninja. The answer is really simple, I'll tell you what I do and if you can dig it, you will be on your way!

I empower the 25-34 year old techie with a fun-geeky streak to get fit and move with more ease by building their strength, flexibility, and motor control- while learning to do cool stuff!

I help you achieve this by helping you become more consistent. Consistency is really the end all SECRET Ninja-Jutsu. You're either moving consistently towards your goal or away from it. My main job is to guide and pivot you toward the pinnacle of success in YOUR Ninja Journey.

First off, be ready for me to crack a few jokes, get a bit geeky, make you wonder why you haven't met me earlier, and then wow you with my skillery(*not sure if that's a real word...)

Expect your training to be tailored to you. It's not going to be the normal training session. Besides the path of a movement ninja isn't exactly normal anyway. Be ready to learn new skills and kick butt while doing it! What kind of skills? Maybe we have you learn how to get into a handstand, roll around on the floor, throw some weight around (this takes skill too!) , or do some cool jumpy kicky things that somehow get you more fit and stronger while having fun!

Each month we'll be working on your customized plan, assessing your progress with face-to-face(*mobile or in-person) time and maybe even some email support to pivot you in the right direction.(okay I lied, definitely email support).

Allright! If you've read through and thought to yourself "HECK YEAH I'M IN!", fill out the form below and I'll get back to you in speedy fashion! It's geared towards my online clients, but if you're in my area, I can work with you personally!

**PPS I'm only accepting 5 clients each month, so use your Afterimage Technique (super speed) and find your Ninja Way today!

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How committed are you to getting Stronger, More Flexible, and Building the Ability to do COOL STUFF? *
How committed are you to getting Stronger, More Flexible, and Building the Ability to do COOL STUFF?
You just want to sit on your couch and watch American Ninja Warrior
You'll become a Handstand Ninja if that's what it takes!