Need a customized framework for training? Try Autoregulation!


In the last post, I covered overcoming hurdles and changing things up. There was even talk about an interesting buzzword; autoregulation.

I didn’t want to get too deep into autoregulation at that point because I wanted to keep things simple...


Today might be the day to tell you what this whole autoregulation thing is about.

Autoregulation is basically a way of being able to adjust the training session to the body’s needs at that point in time. First off let me say that this doesn’t mean to jump into every session without a plan, blindfolded, hoping something sticks. That's a bit off course from what we are looking for in our own training, although having time to play while you train has its merits.

What I'm talking about is having an adjustable framework to work from.

Lets take our wall assisted handstand as an example. To add to this, lets set a simple baseline to follow while your understanding this method. There are many methods to autoregulation including those from our friends at Gold Medal Bodies.

To start off, lets take the ideas of quality, quantity, and time. Say that our chosen training activity, the wall assisted handstand, will be given a time frame of 20 minutes. In that 10 minute time frame, I set a goal(quantity) of a 30 second handstand with a quality of a controlled kick-up lightly touching the wall and straight line. I have an added base point of stopping after not being able to hold a quality 20 second handstand even if its before the 20 minute time frame ends.

So what I’ve done is set up some “soft” parameters that i can play with in order to adjust my body accordingly to the task. This is important when building a skill, because you are learning to utilize your body. We have the added biological mess, that your bodies current state is a result of stimuli received previously.

You can look up more on the subject by doing a quick google search. But if you want to get a taste of auto-regulated skill training and mindfulness, test out one of the Gold Medal Bodies Elements programs.

Stay Ninja!
-Jonathan Magno


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