Coach is Sparring??? and the Benefits of Boxing

Am I sparring?

Actually I spar quite a bit. What type of sparring do I partake in?


It's one of the oldest sports and forms of combat in the world. The earliest known evidence of it comes from a Sumerian relief form the 3rd Millenium BCE. Boxing can be found all over the ancient world. Its honestly still a thriving form of exercise, sport, and combat.

So, why am I talking about Boxing? It’s one of my favorite pastimes. But even if you don’t want to “fight” or test yourself, its one of the best ways to get your body in shape and gain some internalized strength.

Lets take a look at some of the benefits of just the fitness portion:

  • You can burn around 700-1500 calories in an hour and that isn’t a bad thing.
  • You get a great metabolic workout and steady state depending on what you’re focusing on.
  • You run through multiple movement patterns.
  • You build skills while testing your brain with a variety of mental exercises.
  • Finally, its a solid form of stress relief because you get to hit something.

So whats the point of this post?

It becomes an excellent choice for you to get active and I get to include you on a piece of my life outside of movement and handstands.

If you are interested in what boxing looks like or want to see me actually spar, check out the video below!

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