Hypermonkey Acrobatic Attributes – Kickup Coordination and Strength

Allright Hypermonkeys! Today I’ll be showing you a nice way to build up the strength of your kick up into the handstand! Whats great about this move is that its a nice diversion from the usual lead up stunts. It also helps you with your hip-hinging, driving power from the floor, as well as your mindful body feel! The move we’ll be working on is called the Frogger to Banzai Hop from the Gold Medal Bodies Elements Program.

The first thing you want to do is start in a deep squat position and make sure your arms are on the inside of your legs.

Up next, get your arms in a locked position and load them onto the floor. Once you’ve put the load on your hands, drive your hips up and let them fall naturally forward.

Once your legs land, get into an overhead squat position and complete a small hop.

Continue with this combo for about a minute, being mindful about whats happening with your body!

You can catch the action in the video below!

This combo came from the Gold Medal Bodies Elements Program. If you’re interested in delving more into developing your acrobatic foundation go here: http://www.lostartofhandbalancing.com/go/elements/

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