Hypermonkey Acrobatic Attributes: Shoulder Opener

Hey Hypermonkeys!

Before i get started on our next update to our Hypermonkey Acrobatics Attributes series, I'd like to talk about a program called Bodyweight Burn. It's a total body workout that will help you build an athletic body while burning the fat. If you can't work with me, this is an inexpensive program that I suggest you try. Now I can sit here and type out a quick review, but I think Steve from Man vs Weight did an excellent review which you can find here. Don't forget to check it out and now on to the Shoulder Opener!

One of the keys to that foundation is to have loose muscles that can react and move in 3d. The Shoulder Opener Stretch is a great way to open up your shoulders and increase mobility to your posterior side while up in an inverted position!

The Shoulder Opener is a great way to open up your rhomboids, traps, scapula, and lats.

One of the key factors to doing the move correctly is to make sure the shoulders stay in a neutral position. You can easily accomplish this by placing your shoulder blades on a wall and using that as a focus point.

Pull one arm across the mid-line of your chest and use the opposing arm to pull it in place. Rather than pressing the arm towards your body, think about pulling your arm to the opposite side.(For my martial arts folks, think sticky hands!)

Here's the 1 min tip for you!

Don’t forget a lot of these great tips were inspired by our friends from Gold Medal Bodies. So if you are looking to really develop your foundational range of motion and flexibility for acrobatics, check out the GMB Focused Flexibility program here: http://www.lostartofhandbalancing.com/go/focusedflexibility/

Try out any of the courses at the Lost Art of Hand Balancing website to increase your Inversion Skills!

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