Hypermonkey HandBalance Basics: Kick-Up Wall Handstand 1 Min Tip!

Some of you have never been in an inverted position. Here is a quick 1 min. tip that you can use in order to get you balancing on your hands with a little support from a wall!


1. Face the wall and begin with a Sprinter Stance! Approximately 10 inches or a little less than a foot would be enough to give you enough head-clearance on your first attempt.

2. Make sure that that you drive with your rear leg and jump up with your lead leg! I usually use my stronger leg to drive from.

You've successfully preformed your first Hand-Stand Lead Up Stunt!

Be sure to watch the full video below to see the Kick Up Wall Handstand in action!

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Try out any of the courses at the Lost Art of Hand Balancing website to increase your Inversion Skills!

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