The Goal of hyper-Active Monkey Fitness is to get you active, strong, and mobile... because movement is life.

Our method involves working on your alignment, motor-control, strength, endurance, and
more through the use of your own body weight and external stimuli.

You can expect active work including boxing, plyometrics, cartwheels, and more.

It's about being honest and having fun with your training while learning about what your body is capable of!

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"One of the key factors of being a successful coach/trainer, IMO, is the ability to connect with the clients/trainees and understand what they are looking for and goals that they want to achieve. Coach Jon is approachable and personable, and his willingness to help others allow him to connect very well with his clients. He is very friendly and encouraging but also stern and tough when the time calls for it. He is experienced and very knowledgeable with personal training and boxing. Also, the way he conducts his group classes makes it fun and enjoyable while everyone is getting a kick-ass workout!

I've met and worked with many many trainers in the past and Coach Jon is certainly one of the bests out there!!

I also see him participating fun runs outside of gym with his clients AND he also designs exercises for a sport (badminton) publication that is distributed across the nation!

Highly recommended!!"

-James Young
 Badminton Monthly

Address:3266 De La Cruz Blvd Santa Clara, CA 95054     Phone: (408)464-4678    Contact Us Today!

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